The Lavoisier medal

Since the 7th conference the ISBC has presented the Lavoisier Medal to an internationally acknowledged scientist for an outstanding contribution to the development and/or the application of direct calorimetry in biology and medicine.

Winners of the Lavoisier Medal

1990: Ingemar Wadsö / Lund, Sweden
1992: Richard B. Kemp / Aberystwyth, UK
1994: Lee Hansen / Provo, USA
1997: Ingolf Lamprecht / Berlin, Germany
1999: Anthony E. Beezer / London, UK
2001: Lena Gustafsson / Göteborg, Sweden
2003: Erich Gnaiger / Innsbruck, Austria
2006: Mario Monti / Lund, Sweden
2010: Edwin Battley, Stony Brook NY, USA

The obverse of The Lavoisier Medal displays the portrait bust of Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794) with the legends THE LAVOISIER MEDAL FOR CALORIMETRY and PRESENTED TO while on reverse is the famous Lavoisier ice calorimeter together with the legends ISBC and “THE FIRE OF LIFE” – the title of Max Kleiber’s famous book (London, New York 1961) on biological calorimetry and animal energetics.